Yorkville announces new Coliseum C190 loudspeaker

Yorkville Sound has introduced the Coliseum Mini C190 loudspeaker, an unpowered 150W design that meets the need for an extremely rugged and reliable, full range cabinet in an ultra-compact format. For uses as diverse as small arrays, side fill and as a repeater cabinet, the C190 boasts exceptional versatility. The 8in woofer and 90 x 30 degree 1in horn format delivers a 70Hz to 20,000Hz frequency response while the nine integrated 3/8in flypoints allow it to be flown at virtually any angle without modification to the box. Its integrated pole-mount adaptor allows the C190 to be installed in side fill applications with a simple one-point wall mount bracket, such as Yorkville's SKS-Wall.

Yorkville Sound's self-resetting PTC high frequency protection circuit protects the 1.4in titanium high-frequency diaphragm used in the C190 horn. PTC is said to offer advantages over competitive loudspeaker protection schemes. While always present in the signal path, the PTC circuit remains inaudible until it becomes necessary for it to react, at which point it effectively reduces output to the horn, protecting it from damage due to excessive input power, sustained feedback or signal distortion. Unlike a circuit breaker, PTC does not require a physical reset to allow signal back to the horn driver, and unlike a bulb or fuse, does not need to be replaced if the protection is tripped, making it the ideal high frequency protection scheme for an installation loudspeaker.

Available in both black (C190) and white (C190W) painted finishes, the all-metal grille protects the loudspeaker components while the all-metal input plate supports both 1/4in and binding post connectors.

For more information, visit www.yorkville.com/products.asp?type=29&cat=47&id=347.