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WTVS turns to Terayon BP 5100

WTVS Detroit Public Television (DPTV) has become the first public television station to deploy the Terayon BP 5100 as part of HDTV infrastructure.

DPTV is initially deploying the BP 5100 to switch between local and national HD feeds, insert high-quality, real-time graphic overlays into HD programming and reduce bit rates to accommodate both DPTV’s new HD channel and the legacy SDTV feed without decoding and re-encoding the underlying content. The BP 5100’s streamlined approach reduces equipment and operational costs and preserves picture quality as decoding and re-encoding steps are eliminated.

The Terayon BP 5100 platform provides broadcasters with the ability to process, manage and brand their digital video services and applications. These include graphical overlay of logos and ads, dynamic program switching, and insertion of programs and ads in HD and SD digital video.

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