WSDG committed to helping next generation

Education has always been important, but with the decline in the number of recording studios and the diminished availability of intern positions, young people who want to learn the craft of audio engineering need quality places to study now, perhaps, more than ever.

Coupled with this reality is the fact that the audio industry is involved in a rapid evolution.

John Storyk is a well known and highly respected studio designer with a commitment to help provide an environment where the next generation of audio professionals can master the secrets of the trade, according to WDG Partner/Senior Project Manager Romina Larregina. Larregina has been working with Storyk over a four-year period to design a series of recording suites, spread across the United States, for the Art Institute.

“John Storyk’s commitment to education was a primary catalyst behind The Art Institutes decision to retain WSDG for this major assignment,” Larregina says. “His extensive lecturing background, coupled with our 40-year+ history of creating world-class studios for artists ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Alicia Keys and Bruce Springsteen, made us an obvious choice for this expansive, on-going project.”

Those entering the market place in many fields, including audio engineering, will need to develop an entrepreneurial sense as part of their kill set, says Storyk.

“Professional audio education has undergone a seismic shift over the past few years,” Storyk remarked. “The traditional mega studio paradigm has evolved to a new generation of compact, powerful “vest-pocket” and personal facilities which maximize the potential of affordable, laptop-based recording and mixing technology. Concurrently, the new job category has flourished.

“While traditional positions such as mixing, mastering and FOH engineering may have diminished; audio pros are now flourishing in such diverse occupations as perceptual audio coding, streaming, virtual acoustics, and forensic audio reconstruction,” Storyk said. “These new AI studios and their faculties are positioned to populate the mushrooming pro audio job market with highly trained and motivated candidates. WSDG is proud to have been associated with AI’s expansion.”