Vertigo Xmedia debuts new product family

The company is now shipping VertigoXG - its new family of graphics systems for production and master control graphics
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VertigoXmedia will debut its new line of full-featured hardware solutions for graphics rendering and playback. Optimized for use with the company’s Xmedia Suite, the VertigoXG family of systems provides single- or dual-channel SD or HD capabilities for a wide range of broadcast applications including automated promos and channel branding, centralized graphics management, and delivery of real-time production graphics.

The VertigoXG systems combine the latest in video hardware with a real-time software rendering engine, a flexible on-air control interface, and the Product X or Xstudio authoring toolset for creating, managing, and controlling broadcast graphics. Tech-savvy and non-technical users alike can easily create advanced data-driven broadcast applications. Users drag and drop common broadcast elements such as lower thirds and OTS from a customizable library of broadcast elements to create graphics. Data from live sources such as data feeds, the Internet, databases, or other files can be integrated using drag-and-drop operations. VertigoXGs automatically update the graphics as new data is received.

Users can control the graphics at any time by implementing user-definable “soft” control panels. This integrated on-air control capability is coupled with an unlimited number of virtual layers and individually keyed elements that can be controlled independently. The integrated authoring tool makes the creation of graphics templates and virtual control panels a snap.

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