VDS delivers station branding systems to FOX

VDS has been selected by FOX Television Stations to provide 27 of its owned and operated stations with VDS Branding on Lower Third (BOLT) systems for station branding and other Lower Third graphics requirements.

BOLT is VDS’ integrated data-driven graphics display system. It can generate graphics in SDI or HD formats. It consists of a suite of VDS applications running on a Chyron CAL-based hardware platform. The primary application of BOLT is for branding, providing stations with a system that identifies the FOX station by using the rotating clock-temp-bug paradigm.

The faces of the lower portion of the clock-temp-bug are dynamic, allowing each station to add their own captions as needed. The system also provides for automated local time and temperature display as part of the operations.

For more information, visit www.videodesignsoftware.com.

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