TVCOGECO Québec completes transition to P2 workflow

TVCOGECO Québec has shifted 15 of its Québec TV stations to the P2 workflow.

TVCOGECO, an early adopter of Panasonic P2 technology, is now using P2HD for newsgathering, current affairs programming, sporting events and a variety of station-produced HD content. The transition has provided a more efficient workflow resulting in saved man hours and an electronic catalog system of the entire network.

Using a tapeless technology has reduced production time and allowed each of the 15 TVCOGECO stations to share programming quickly. Not only is the file transfer from P2 card to the editing suite fast, but the files are automatically transcoded to several different formats, which provides immediate access to recorded video.

With TVCOGECO’s previous tape-based system, footage would have to be cut, transcoded and couriered to another station by a technician. Using the P2 workflow, a full 24GB HD show takes only 40 minutes to upload and share with other TVCOGECO cable stations.

TVCOGECO began the transition to P2 technology in 2008 with the purchase of 10 AG-HPX500s. The media company then continued the progression in 2009 by purchasing 10 AJ-HPX200s, and this year, the company has purchased 10 AJ-HPX500s, 13 AJ-HPX170s and 64GB and 32GB P2 cards.