TV Lux generates news graphics with Chyron

The Belgian cable TV operator has installed Chyron’s LEX2 for news operations.
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Belgian cable company TV Lux is adding new live graphics to its newscasts.

TV Lux, a regional cable television station based in Libramont, Belgium, has installed a Chyron LEX2 graphics system for its news operations. The LEX2 provides TV Lux with sophisticated live graphics for the network’s news programs broadcast in the region in French.

The LEX2, driven by Chyron’s interFuse Technology, includes seamless creation to playout, real-time 2-D/3-D animation and two channels with an HD upgrade option. The system enables operators at TV Lux to generate a number of graphics including animated headlines, lower-thirds, over-the-shoulders and coming-ups.

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