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Thaicom-6 Communications Satellite Successfully Deployed

On January 6, SpaceX successfully launched the Thaicom-6 satellite, which uses reflectors constructed from composite materials.

The spacecraft uses three composite reflectors which were manufactured by Vanguard Space Technologies at their San Diego, Calif. facility.

“We are very proud to be on Orbital’s team for this very important Thaicom mission,” said Frank Belknap, Vanguard’s CEO. “The composite reflectors produced by Vanguard showcase our capabilities to produce very tight tolerance, highly accurate and lightweight components in our world class composite manufacturing facility. We have a long heritage of producing high-precision reflectors for space-based missions and have been a key supplier to Orbital for many of their successful satellite missions.”

Coverage maps and additional technical information the satellite are available on the Thaicom website. Thaicom-6 was built by Orbital, which has additional information on Thaicom-6 on its website. Details on the launch are available from SpaceX.