Telecast Viper delivers camera feeds of victory celebration

The company’s fiber optic transceivers delivered signals from cameras in Red Square to a studio and temporary press center miles away during Russia’s 60th anniversary celebration of Hitler’s defeat
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For Russia’s 60th anniversary celebration of Hitler's defeat, All-Russian State Television and Radio used Telecast Fiber Systems Viper transceivers to transmit camera feeds to the main studio and press center.

Telecast Fiber Systems' Viper family of fiber optic transceivers transmitted video and audio of Russia's 60th anniversary celebration of the defeat of Germany in World War II.

Held in Moscow's Red Square, the event used multiple cameras from various outdoor locations around the venue. The Viper units transmitted the signals from each camera to a broadcast studio and press center several miles away.

Held May 9, the Victory Day festival celebrated Russia's defeat of the armies of fascist Germany on the same date in 1945. The event was broadcast on main Russian TV channels and on some international channels. Telecom Transport supplied the Telecast equipment to the All-Russian State Television and Radio, VGTRK, which handled signal transmission.

Signals from cameras scattered around the event were collected and transmitted to a studio in the Kremlin and a temporary press center in the concert hall of a nearby hotel. A variety of products from the Viper family were used in the transmission. TX/RX292 wideband modules, which support digital transmission rates from 19.4Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s, handled HD/SDI signals, while TX/RX259 modules provided for 601 SDI. TX/RX280 units were responsible for audio transmissions.

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