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Summit Audio ships new parametric equalizer

Summit Audio has announced the release of its FeQ-50, a single-channel, four-band parametric EQ with iron-based circuitry.

Each of the four bands features switch-selectable frequencies, with six frequencies on each band, as well as fully sweepable gain of ±14dB with a center detect at 0dB. The low and high bands feature peaking or shelving select, the middle two bands with wide and narrow switches. The fully passive high pass filter has a knee at 80Hz with a 6dB-per-octave roll off. The signal path is transformerless.

Housed in Summit Audio’s half-rack chassis, the FeQ-50 is versatile when it comes to I/O. Both XLR-balanced and 1/4in-unbalanced inputs are accommodated on a Neutrik combo jack. For outputs, the FeQ-50 has balanced +4dB XLR and balanced –10dB TRS for both the solid-state and tube signal paths, all of which are individually buffered and can be used simultaneously.

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