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Sonifex intros new products

The Soniflex RedBox

Soniflex has introduced a new version of the combined stereo RB-ADDA A/D and D/A converter.

The new version the RB-ADDA2 is 192kHz, 24-bit compatible, has an optical input and output, front panel push-button controls, and separate AES/EBU and word-clock synchronizing inputs, so that the A/D and D/A sections can be used separately.

At IBC2005 the company also announced three new utility products. The RB-PA2 is a dual stereo phono RIAA gram amplifier for converting pick-up cartridge signals on a turntable to a line input level. The RB-ML2 stereo microphone and line level limiter, and the RB-MM1 a mix-minus generator with output level control, 2 null cancellation control pots and a switch for a bandpass filter to condition the signal for a telephone hybrid system.

Additionally the DHY-02, Sonifex’s DSP-based digital hybrid, has been redesigned as the DHY-03 and now has input and output gain adjustment, input and output metering, conferencing, RS-232 serial control, local/remote line hold switching, integrated auto-answer, a balanced mic/line input and balanced line output.

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