SkyStream rolls out zBand 6.0 with ‘smartloading’

SkyStream has unveiled zBand 6.0 software. It allows service providers to use the Internet and other unicast networks to distribute movies and other content on demand. It implements "smartloading," a new form of intelligent downloading of video content.

ReelTime Media is the first customer of zBand 6.0 and will use the content delivery platform to deliver VOD service to major metropolitan areas in Australia over broadband Internet connections.

Service providers can use zBand 6.0 to deliver movies and other content over hybrid networks, including any combination of multicast, broadcast or unicast networks.

Other select new features of zBand 6.0 include:

  • Access manager, which lets service providers target content to individual users within an audience of 1 million or more, and manage security and content delivery for each user from the headend.
  • Smartloading, which allows zBand to rank incoming content, and gives control over when content is delivered, viewable, watched and deleted.
  • Remote distribution servers. zBand 6.0 creates a content delivery network for the operator that supports remote distribution servers that can be deployed at the edge of service provider networks.

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