Road show demonstrates multi-vendor newsroom interoperability

Harris, The Associated Press, Sony Electronics and Sundance Digital are conducting a joint road show in southern California to demonstrate an integrated digital news workflow and on-air playout management.

The road show is intended to show the interoperability of systems from the participants. Featured products include the Leitch NEXIO server, NewsFlash and NewsFlash Preditor nonlinear editing systems; Harris Inscriber character generator solutions; AP’s ENPS broadcast news production system; Sundance Digital’s NewsLink for newsroom automation; and Sony’s MFS-2000 production switcher.

The demonstration starts with assignment editors and producers creating media descriptions and placeholders in “assignments” and “running orders” using the Sundance NewsLink plug-in running within AP/ENPS.

The rundown is passed to the Sundance NewsLink application via a MOS interface, providing visual indications for those elements that are ready for air, as well as those created as placeholders. The empty placeholder information, including the ENPS-created naming convention, is then passed on to the Leitch NewsFlash nonlinear editor, once again via a MOS interface. Video material is ingested into the NEXIO server through the NEXIO Ingest Control Manager, simultaneously making a high- and low-resolution copy of the ingested content.

After editing in either NewsFlash in high resolution or the NewsFlash Preditor browse editor in low resolution, the completed package is then published using the appropriate MOS object placeholder. Through the MOS interface, information related to the completed package updates the NewsLink rundown, as well as the AP/ENPS rundown. During this process, Inscriber Studio prepares graphical elements that are planned as part of the news story for playout with the Inscriber AutoCG. When the newscast begins, the rundown can be manipulated through the ENPS GUI automatically updating the NewsLink rundown controlling the NEXIO server and Inscriber AutoCG.

At the end of the newsroom workflow is Sony's MFS 2000 video production switcher, which combines all the elements to produce the on-screen image that is transmitted.

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