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Pixelmetrix, Statmon Technologies form alliance

Statmon Technologies and Pixelmetrix will work to combine the control and management features of Axess pictured here with the text and monitoring capabilities of the DVStation.

Pixelmetrix and Statmon Technologies have formed a strategic alliance to develop a control and management and test and measurement solution for DTV.

The companies identified the need for a unified solution for both preventive and proactive monitoring and management that uses a common platform. As the broadcast engineer’s multichannel and multifacility responsibilities increase, it becomes essential to streamline the methods needed to manage the quality of service on regional, national and global levels.

Combining Statmon Technologies’ Axess control and management products with Pixelmetrix DVStation’s preventative test and monitoring solution, a highly scaleable architecture is created using a common monitoring point to monitor and manage the integrity of the DTV broadcast service.

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