Pixelmetrix introduces DVStorIP-Gen

Pixelmetrix has unveiled DVStorIP-Gen, an IPTV test stream generator for evaluation, compliance testing, and verification of networks, monitoring and equipment analysis.

The DVStorIP-Gen is a hard-disk based system that allows non-stop simultaneous recording of multiple channels of transmitted IP video. It lets broadcasters using IPTV verify that a specific transmission actually occurred at a given time.

The product supports SPTS (single-program transport stream) and MPTS (multiple-program transport stream) generation, as well as UDP and RTP streaming. Each generated transport stream can be forwarded to up to 100 target IP destinations, identified by the IP address and port number.

The DVStorIP-Gen also allows restamping of continuity count and insertion of PCR discontinuity flag during transport stream loopback for error-free streaming.

For more information, visit: www.pixelmetrix.com.