Pixelmetrix DVStor-Flashback records multiple streams for compliance

DVStor records up to180 days of an MPEG transport stream and reconstructs an EPG for easy program searching.

Pixelmetrix’s new transport stream recorder, DVStor-Flashback, fulfils government and business requirements for compliance recording of digital broadcast systems. The DVStor-Flashback captures broadcast information to provide a full MPEG transport stream (TS) archive. It examines the TS as it records and reconstructs the electronic programming guide (EPG) for fast and easy playback of archived segments, facilitating quick searching. The DVStor-Flashback selects the video content out of the TS and transrates it to VHS quality to save on storage space, maximizing recording duration.

With the ability to store up to 180 days in a 4RU package, the DVStor-Flashback can be extended for long-term storage requirements of up to 3 years, with up to four Direct Attached Storage (DAS) modules with storage capacities of 15TB and 7.5TB.

For more information, visit www.pixelmetrix.com.