Pixel Promo DJ automates graphics production

Pixel Power has released Pixel Promo DJ, which manages a network of Clarity graphics devices to create a highly automated, multichannel branding solution. Pixel Promo DJ has already been selected by Red Bee Media for BBC World, a six-channel service delivered from London.

Based on rules defined by the user in advance, Pixel Promo DJ will create appropriate graphics sequences for each program junction. The system is highly adaptive and dynamic, delivering flexible branding that automatically adapts to the programs around it, without repetition and adjusting sequences on the fly for changing time requirements.

The system automatically collects all the information required to build graphics sequences, including promos for forthcoming programs, future schedule information, stock market and financial data, weather reports, news headlines and sports scores. It then uses this data to build complete graphics sequences on the Clarity character generators attached to it. These sequences can include live video, with DVE moves and separate voiceover tracks.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.