Penthera launches Penthera Broadcast Center 1.0

U.S. DVB-H broadcast network developer Modeo has purchased Penthera Technologies’ Broadcast Center for use in its network operations center south of Pittsburgh, PA.

Coinciding with the announcement, the company unveiled Penthera Broadcast Center 1.0, a carrier-grade, mobile broadcast control and data system that enables revenue-rich functionality, such as interactivity, advertising, branding and metering.

Penthera Broadcast Center is a software solution for Windows-based DVB-H broadcast transmission. It is a field-tested, mobile broadcast system that is deployed in a broadcaster's network operations center.

The system provides two primary functions: It inserts the control information related to the programming content that is being broadcast, and it inserts unique value-add content associated with advertising, interactivity, branding, metering and uniquely licensed content.

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