Omneon launches Media Service Framework

Omneon has launched a strategic initiative, the Omneon Media Service Framework (MSF), to bring together its expanding product portfolio in a cohesive way and to provide a comprehensive unified content management platform for third-party integration and application development.

As Omneon has grown, the number of products and the scope of its offerings have increased. To better support third-party developer partners who must integrate with this expanding product offering, the MSF simplifies application interfaces and standardizes how system functionality can be used. As a result, application partners now have a more cohesive way of integrating with the entire Omneon product range.

The MSF is based on a single Web service API based on a service-orientated architecture (SOA), which is quickly becoming the standard for open application integration. Not only does the MSF support the full range of functionality of all Omneon products, it has been designed to be extendable, allowing support for third-party partners who wish to make their functionality accessible via the same framework.

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