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OET sets date for LS telecom TV band database trial kickoff

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology will begin a 45-day public trial of LS telecom’s TV band database June 24.

The test gives the public an opportunity to access and test LS telecom’s database to make sure it correctly identifies TV channels that are available for use in any given locale within the United States to prevent interference from operation of unlicensed TV-band white space devices.

Before such an unlicensed device may begin to operate, it must report its geographic location to an authorized database, which will provide it with a list of channels that may be used to avoid interfering with television broadcasters, MVPD receive sites, wireless mics and other users of the TV band.

According to the FCC, the OET has examined LS telecom’s database channel availability calculator and determined that it is ready for public testing.

Those who wish to test the database can access the database online. At the LS telecom website, people wanting to take part in the test will find a description of the trial, instructions for participation, details on use of the database system, access to the database’s various capabilities, and a link for providing comments and other feedback to LS telecom. 

The OET said it would like to see the participants test:

  • the channel availability calculator;
  • the MVPD receive site (cable headend and satellite receive site) registration utility;
  • the broadcast auxiliary temporary receive site registration utility;
  • the fixed TVWS device registration utility; and
  • the wireless microphone registration utility.

Participants are asked to respond to LS Telecom through the website to report any problems with the database.