Octoshape, Axel Technologies join forces

Octoshape and Axel Technologies announced they will combine the user-experience components of the Axel Fuugo application with the Octoshape Infinite HD-M broadband TV distribution network to create a next-generation multiscreen video platform.

This partnership is designed to open opportunities for both companies to provide an even more compelling product offering across an expanded range of iOS and Android smart devices. The offering enables a consistent user experience for TV Everywhere and OTT IPTV initiatives both with natural and easy to use navigation, as well as providing the highest quality broadband video experience globally.

Infinite HD-M enables the quality, scale and economics of traditional broadcast TV over the Internet. Telco and cable operators that are part of the Infinite HD-M Federated network receive the signals via native IP Multicast in a way that allows them to easily manage large volumes of traffic without capital infrastructure expenditure.

Octoshape’s federated linear broadband TV ecosystem will continue to expand globally throughout the year in carefully planned phases adding content contribution partners, Tier 1 broadband providers, connected television manufacturers and conditional-access providers.