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New user-interface for Proximity Artbox

New user interface for Proximity's Artbox.

Proximity’s Artbox, a video asset management system for broadcast television and postproduction creative departments, will debut a newly designed graphical user interface for its breakthrough product at NAB2005. Artbox enables artists and producers alike to manage all of their work from one interface, resulting in a more efficient and accurate content production workflow and higher quality creative work output. The interface offers a more intuitive operation based upon direct feedback from many of today’s top creative artists, producers and journalists.

Traditionally, the lifecycle of creative production (request, creation, use and deletion of creative assets) requires manual intervention with a variety of hardware and software platforms. Artbox integrates format conversion, storage, workflow management, and search and retrieval of artwork (video, graphics, script or audio) into a single device. Users can search, locate, transfer and transcode, edit clips, generate EDLs and manage media across multiple formats and platforms. Artbox’s workflow management module introduces the concept of a “project,” enabling the user to associate multiple assets that exist in different formats and across multiple devices within a single story. It allows artists to spend more time creating artwork, and less time performing mundane administrative tasks.

Artbox’s content management module stores artwork in its native format. Users can search, locate, transfer and transcode artwork across multiple platforms and formats. The artist no longer needs to be concerned with format conversions and where to store the asset.

Artwork can be shared throughout a networked operation, potentially saving resources for those with limited budgets. For example, a large market station may produce the graphic for a breaking story and share that with a smaller market station that may not have the resources for a creative department.

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