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New Toshiba battery technology offers high-speed recharge performance and high energy density

In what could have significant implications for ENG and location audio recording, Toshiba now offers a new battery that recharges 80 percent of its energy capacity in only one minute and offers performance-boosting improvements in energy density. The new battery leverages advances in nano-material technology -- a breakthrough technology applied to the negative electrode uses new nano-particles to prevent organic liquid electrolytes from reducing during battery recharging. The nano-particles quickly absorb and store vast amount of lithium ions, without causing any deterioration in the electrode. The battery has a long life cycle, losing only 1% of capacity after 1000 cycles of discharging and recharging, and can operate at very low temperatures. At minus 40 degrees centigrade, the battery can discharge 80 percent of its capacity, against 100 percent in an ambient temperature of 25 degree centigrade). Toshiba will bring the new rechargeable battery to commercial products in 2006.

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