New Snell & Wilcox multiformat switcher offers audio capability

The Kahuna SD/HD production switcher from Snell & Wilcox now incorporates Cliptrax to enable one-button playout of audio and video.

The new Kahuna SD/HD production switcher from UK-based Snell & Wilcox offers an industry-first option called Cliptrax. In essence, this feature allows the storage of audio content within the switcher's stores so that transitional animations can be played out easily with the intended accompanying audio. On an operational level, this allows switcher operators to use one-button for simultaneous playout of animated transitions with sound effects.

Prior to the introduction of this functionality, the audio device or disk had to be triggered independently alongside the switcher's video output. Cliptrax eliminates the need for external audio hardware, significantly enhancing the ease with which audio and video elements can be accurately combined during playout.

Kahuna enables simultaneous SD and HD operations on the same control surface and in the same mainframe. A proprietary Snell & Wilcox technology called FormatFusion allows operators to integrate any SD video into HD productions seamlessly or to output HD material as an SD feed, both without the need for conversion.

Kahuna operators can allocate mix/effects banks to either SD or HD sources, or mix the two together on a single M/E bank. This operational flexibility makes maximum use of all available M/Es by networking multiple control surfaces to different mainframes, allocating one mainframe to separate control panels, or operating in SD or HD as required. Its capabilities not only make Kahuna extremely versatile while eliminating the need for additional upconverters, graphics systems, and other peripheral equipment.

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