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New Mackie box

With a rugged, 2U rack mount steel chassis, the front panel controls on the new Onyx 1200F include control-room output level with A/B monitor select.

The new Mackie Onyx 1200F FireWire interface provides, 30 x 34 channels and 24-bit/192kHz-sampling.

The Onyx 1200F features 12 Onyx preamps, on-board DSP matrix mixing, built-in talkback mic input, and remote switching capability.

The Onyx 1200F has an assignable patch bay with advanced DSP capabilities. It provides an extensive, intuitive on-board mixing interface that allows the user to route to any desired monitoring path.

The 1200F also has an advanced monitoring/headphone control section with four user-assignable headphone outputs and also features two stereo control room outputs. The Onyx 1200F is bundled with a complete software package which includes Tracktion 2, Mackie’s audio recording and production software, as well as the Mackie Final Mix CD mastering toolkit.

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