MOTU releases DP 8 for Windows

It’s been a long time coming — MOTU put out an initial release over a year ago — but Digital Performer 8 for Windows is now a reality.

By the early years of this century, Windows had established itself as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to the Mac, and many DAW users found themselves torn between Digital Performer, wed to the Mac, and other sequencers that worked on the Windows side. I was one of them.

After careful consideration, I had a Windows machine built by ADK Pro Audio, bid a tearful goodbye to DP and began working with Cubase. Every DAW has its advantages, and Cubase has been good to me. Several Digital Performer features — the way it creates detailed tempo maps, for example-were missed, however, particularly by composers who work to picture on a regular basis.

If you’ve wanted to have your cake and eat it simultaneously, head on over to the MOTU site and download the fully functional Windows version of DP 8. You can take it for a spin for 30 days before deciding whether to buy an activation code.