Morrow VC1800 system monitors satellite carrier health

The VC1800 Remote Satcom Carrier Monitoring System is a fully integrated solution that instantly alerts users to a carrier problem and provides the tools to get their links reestablished quickly.

The VC1800 allows users to monitor the health of satellite carriers, quickly determine the symptoms of a link failure, receive audible alarm/SNMP alert when carrier parameters go out of spec and determine symptoms of intermittent problems with logged signal parameter data.

The VC1800 has fast sweep speed and a multiple-input option available. The VC1800 provides a frequency range from 3MHz to 1.8GHz, covering the L-Band output of block down converters as well as IF signals. It provides flexible connectivity with Ethernet, modem, RS232 serial and USB. In addition to the 1.8GHz model, there are also 3.5GHz and 70MHz models available.

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