Mobile ads the road to brand awareness success, study says

Mobile Web advertising is a highly effective channel for influencing brand perception and increasing purchase intent, according to research conducted this past July by Dynamic Logic, which was commissioned by The Weather Channel Interactive (TWCI) for Hampton Hotels.

For the study, Hampton Inn launched a mobile advertising campaign across the Weather Channel Mobile ( WAP site. The respondents were recruited for the study from a text invite that appeared on the same page as the Hampton Hotel advertising. Responses from the group of those who did not see the ads on their mobile devices were collected in the period immediately preceding the campaign launch.

Dynamic Logic found statistically significant increases in mobile ad awareness, message association, brand awareness, brand favorability and stay consideration, (which measures the likelihood of respondents to purchase the brand, or, in this case, to stay at a Hampton Hotel in the future) in part, as a result of the campaign on The Weather Channel Mobile Web site.

According to Dynamic Logic’s research, the Hampton Hotel’s advertising on connected with its two main target audiences — 72 percent of respondents traveled for business or leisure within the past year, nearly two-thirds used their mobile phone to access the Internet more than once a day and 42 percent visit on their mobile phone more than once per day.

The Hampton Hotel case study shows positive brand impact using advertising on TWCI’s mobile Web site. The advertising campaign raised message association with Hampton Hotels versus other hotel brands. Respondents’ overall favorability toward Hampton was higher for those exposed to the ads (62 percent favorability) than for those not exposed to the ads (48 percent). The campaign also showed an 11.4 percentage point increase in consideration to stay at the Hampton for their next trip after ad exposure.

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