M-Net selects Omneon Spectrum to support new archive system

Electronic Media Network (M-Net), South Africa’s first private subscription TV service, has purchased an Omneon Spectrum media server system. This implementation — the largest such installation in Africa — will enable ingest, under the control of Ardendo’s DART and ARDCAP, of more than 200,000 hours of new media and existing assets into the media asset management (MAM)/archive system.

M-Net broadcasts include eight channels dedicated to sports programming, requiring a mix of media acquired via numerous live feeds along with management of an extensive library of recorded content. Ingest of multiple live feeds, as well as finished programs, via the Omneon server system will give M-Net much greater versatility in the distribution of video over newer distribution channels such as IPTV and mobile platforms. The Omneon server system, in conjunction with Ardendo MAM software, provides automatic metadata management within a live ingest environment, with manual functionality also available.

The Omneon Spectrum server will allow M-Net to abandon manual tracking of ingested assets, instead cataloging files as they are buffered into the data store. The Ardendo software solution facilitates ingest, archiving, transcoding and asset management to make media instantly available for browsing and editing at the desktop.

M-Net’s new archive system is slated to go live in the first quarter of 2007.

For more information, see www.omneon.com and www.vizrt.com.