Miranda enhances master control products for NAB

Miranda is launching multiple new products at NAB2006 including a more powerful Imagestore Intuition channel branding processor with clip playout, and a new up-, down-, crossconverter with advanced aspect-ratio conversion and 5.1 processing. The HD monitoring range is also being strengthened with new features for the Kaleido-Alto-HD and Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors.

A video/audio clip playout capability has been added to the Imagestore Intuition SDI channel branding processor to improve the output of multilevel graphics over moving backgrounds. This MPEG clip playout can also be used for back-up material in emergency situations.

Miranda's XVP HD interfacing family has been enhanced with the new XVP-811i HD/SD up-, down-, crossconverter. This interface features aspect ratio conversion using the soon to be standardized Advanced Format Descriptor (AFD). This allows broadcasters to manage aspect ratio conversion automatically and effectively using embedded control signaling.

The XVP-811i also offers 5.1 to left/right downmixing to monitor the audio of downconverted HD signals. A Dolby E Metadata insertion capability provides distribution of audio information across a plant, including dialogue level and dynamic range control information. Multiple new HD monitoring capabilities have been added to the Kaleido-Alto-HD and Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors. The Kaleido-Alto-HD now offers advanced video and audio probing.

For more information, visit www.miranda.com.

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