Marquis Broadcast, SGL announce technology integration agreement

Marquis Broadcast and Software Generation (SGL) have announced a technology integration agreement allowing SGL to integrate Marquis’ Medway media highway with its FlashNet content archive and storage management systems, including the new FlashBrowse proxy creation system and FlashBox archive management and storage solution.

The integration of Medway with FlashNet systems provides a simple, cost-effective method of moving content between archives and nonlinear editing environments. Selected media and its associated metadata are exported from the editing systems and captured using Medway. This is transferred as a single MXF file to a shared folder. As this new file is detected, the archive process is initiated. SGL’s FlashBrowse creates a proxy file and adds this to its database. The file is then transferred to the FlashBox archive management and storage solution and deleted from the shared folder. The whole process is carried out seamlessly and efficiently.

When restoring content from the archive, users simply initiate the process using FlashBrowse, which restores the selected media to MXF and moves it to the shared folder. Medway automatically transfers the media to the appropriate editing system. Operators can then drag the clips they require into their editing bins from the Medway interface.

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