Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to deploy Sports Factory MAM

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) will manage its media assets end to end with the Dalet Sports Factory Media Asset Management (MAM) platform.

The MAM will handle all content related to its in-house production and television broadcasts for its professional sports teams, which include the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Toronto Maple Leafs, National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Toronto Raptors, Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Toronto FC and the American Hockey League’s (AHL) Toronto Marlies.

Dalet Sports Factory combines a MAM platform and workflow engine with built-in Dalet tools that streamline sports production from ingest and logging through broadcasting and archiving. The Dalet MAM content catalog manages media, essence files and metadata across different systems in the organization, storing and tracking contextual sets of associated multimedia of all kinds along with metadata, including time-coded locators.

The catalog provides flexible, customizable metadata schemes and makes assets available across the entire enterprise using Dalet tools or third party business/broadcast systems.

The first phase of the project at MLSE’s Broadcast Centre in Toronto will involve aggregating years of existing metadata and critical information from legacy records of the four teams into the centralized Dalet MAM catalogue.

“We have a tremendous amount of very valuable and historic content,” said Chris Hebb, Senior VP of Content for MLSE. “Over the years, we’ve attempted to manage the content through a document system, but it has been a siloed process, making it difficult to search and find content when we need it. Dalet’s system will centralize our content and organize it in a meaningful way that makes it accessible and easy to distribute across multiple platforms.”

The underlying Dalet Sports Factory MAM layer unifies different broadcast and business systems to provide a fluid, cohesive workflow. At MLSE, some of the systems which will be integrated with the Dalet MAM include EVS XT video servers, DataDirect Network storage, Harris Nexio servers, Rhozet transcoding farm, Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro NLEs. Broadcast consultant and reseller Majortech will assist in the Dalet MAM deployment.