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Make way ENG; here comes YMG

This week veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites begins a one-year odyssey to cover every armed conflict in the world as a solo journalist.

Sites will file stories, photos, video and audio using a backpack full of digital technology, including a high definition video camera and satellite modem, for a new Yahoo Media Group (YMG) endeavor called “Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone.”

While Sites will work alone in the field, a producer and researcher based in the United States will assist with the organization and legwork necessary to accomplish such an ambitious task.

Sites, who has covered wars and disasters around the world for traditional television outlets, will use the multimedia platform of the Internet to communicate with those visiting the Hotzone site via interactive chat.

Fifteen sites, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine territories and the Korean peninsula, are on the list for coverage. Another 17 are on the watch list.

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