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Leitch introduces SQM-STM module

Leitch has released the latest module for its Videotek Signal Quality Manager (SQM).

The new module provides visual and aural confidence monitoring by streaming analog video and analog audio to a user-supplied Windows computer, across network or Internet connections, using Leitch’s Videotek Remote Management Software.

For real-time, unattended monitoring, the SQM serves as the checkpoint of any facility’s operations center, continuously monitoring the conditions of all common audio and video formats including analog, digital and MPEG. Developed to detect errors in the signal path and pinpoint the exact location of the error, the SQM system reduces monitoring costs and provides the opportunity for immediate corrective action.

Inputs for the new SQM-STM include two composite analog video and four channels of analog audio, which are user-selectable for streaming. Bandwidth, picture resolution and frame rate are adjustable to ensure high quality even with bandwidth limitations such as high-traffic networks. Board-edge status LEDs indicate power, communications and signal presence. Other features include remote setup and control of streaming parameters and inputs and hot swap capabilities.

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