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Lectrosonics adds three models to SM "Super Mini" transmitter line

Lectrosonics is expanding the capabilities of it’ ultra-compact SM transmitter line with new models and a remote setup unit.

Lectrosonics is unveiling three new additions to the SM Super Mini transmitter line at NAB 2006. Two of the new products are transmitters, the SMD and SMQ, while the third is the RM remote programming unit. All are compatible with the company’s digital hybrid transmission scheme.

Both of the new transmitters use a second AA battery, making them slightly larger than the original SM model (which uses only one). The SMD (SM-Dual) transmitter uses this extra power to doubling the unit’s battery life. The other new unit, dubbed the SMQ (SM "Quarter Watt"), has been designed to deliver 250mW of power output for longer range and greater resistance to interference than the original SM, which offers is a 100mW transmitter.

The RM (Remote unit) is designed to allow remote programming and operation of the entire SM transmitter family. The RM communicates with SM transmitters via a proprietary audio signal through the transmitter's microphone so it does not rely on line of sight, as do infrared systems. This allows hidden transmitters to be various control commands, such as updating operating frequency, audio level, sleep, and control surface lockout. The RM is supplied with a lanyard and quick-release mechanism for ease of deployment.

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