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Lebanese broadcasters order Harris systems for upgrades

Harris recently received orders from three leading Lebanese broadcasters — Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI), National Broadcasting Network (NBN) and Future TV — and from pan-Arab satellite broadcasting network Orbit.

LBCI, one the most popular channels in the Middle East, ordered an upgrade for its existing H-Class ADC Playout Automation system as well as two Inscriber RTX graphics systems and an Integrator 96 x 64 routing matrix as part of an upgrade to launch new channels to the regional market.

NBN, a leading 24-hour general entertainment station in Lebanon, selected the Harris NEXIO XS SD/HD server platform for a new master control room (MCR). This installation also includes a Harris IconMaster master control and branding system.

Lebanon-based satellite channel Future TV chose Harris equipment as part of the launch of a new 24-hour all-news satellite channel dedicated to the Middle East.

Orbit's purchase includes the Harris IconMaster modular master control and branding solution, IconLogo channel branding solution, Inscriber RTX custom broadcast graphics systems, Integrator router and a range of solutions for infrastructure support.

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