La Sexta connects two capitals with Telex/RTS intercoms

With the launch of La Sexta in November 2005, the people of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, gained a new private TV channel. In its first year on air, La Sexta has seen its ratings and ad revenues rise steadily. The station’s broadcast studios are in Barcelona and its news editorial offices in Madrid, with post production divided between the two. The task of streamlining communications between, as well as within, the two cities was entrusted to Telex-RTS's Madrid-based partner, Unitecnic.

Unitecnic designed a modular system, allowing for expansion in either or both facilities as future conditions dictate. In Barcelona, the initial installation included an ADAM 64 matrix with RVON and Mini Trunkmasters, two ISDN2005 interfaces and a variety of keypanels (9 x DKP 12, 5 x KP32 and 5 x MKP12). In Madrid, an ADAM 48 with RVON was combined with four different types of keypanels (6 x KP32-16, 5 x KP32, 2 x DKP12 and 3 x MKP4), as well as four ISDN2005 interfaces, a BTR800 wireless intercom system and three TR825 UHF transceivers.

La Sexta is jointly owned by GAMP (Grupo Audiovisual de Medios de Producción) and the Mexican TV network Televisa. It holds a license to operate two more TDT TV channels.

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