KONAN Digital announces OEM version of DigitalArc MAM System

KONAN Digital has announced DigitalArc OEM, an OEM version of its DigitalArc media asset management. It provides a standards-based, feature-selectable reference design of DigitalArc for easy integration with customers' graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and brands. KONAN's OEM version provides large systems integrators, component manufacturers, craft editors and original equipment manufacturers with a core foundation of asset management technology that supports tailored interfaces and sustains operations' dynamic workflows.

Recognizing that organizations are often heavily invested in legacy hardware and software, customers that have purchased MAM infrastructure can augment their existing systems and leverage the flexibility and adaptability of KONAN's OEM design. In the case of greenfield opportunities, KONAN offers complete functionality in an OEM version that can support the most complex asset management workflows serving multiple purposes and multiple media delivery platforms.

For more information, see www.konandigital.com