Inmarsat releases speed-doubling software for BGAN terminals

Inmarsat has released a new software application that can double the speed BGAN terminals send e-mail and transfer data files.

Inmarsat planned, designed and produced the TCP Accelerator software application to operate over its mobile, satellite-based Broadband Global Area Network.

The application is free to download through BGAN LaunchPad or from the Inmarsat Web site and should be installed on the computers of BGAN users to enhance upload speeds from their BGAN terminals.

TCP Accelerator is specifically designed for use with TCP-based applications, such as e-mail and FTP transfers.

Although the absolute improvement seen depends on network usage, file size and terminal type, user tests have demonstrated that average throughput can increase by more than 100 percent when the files are 2MB or less.

TCP Accelerator is now available as a client-side application for the Windows XP operating system. A Mac OSX version is currently scheduled for release in August.

Inmarsat is also preparing network and VPN enterprise versions of the software, which when installed server-side should further enhance overall transmission speeds.

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