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Initiative seeks to reduce SNG-generated satellite interference

The Radio Frequency Interference–End Users Initiative (RFI-EUI) and the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) March 12 launched an effort at CABSAT in Dubai to improve the quality of satellite newsgathering (SNG) services around the world.

They are joined by the World Broadcasting Unions – International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) and the satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) in rolling out the two-prong effort.

“Satellite interference continues to be a significant issue in our industry,” said Dick Tauber, co-chair, RFI-EUI and chairman of WBU-ISOG. “Well-trained operators and increased use of type-approved equipment can help to dramatically reduce errors, and therefore instances of unintended interference.

”RFI-EUI, and GVF, with its training partner SatProf, have worked together to develop the first phase of a program designed to test operators of SNG systems, as well as satellite operators, on the skills needed to reduce the occurrence of SNG-based interference.

Additionally, RFI-EUI and GVF are promoting the use of SNG terminal equipment that has been tested and approved in coordination with GVF’s industry framework.

Information about the training program for SNG Operator Certification and on approved SNG equipment is available online at