Infineon introduces POF-to-Ethernet transceiver

Infineon Technologies has unveiled a plastic optical fiber (POF) to Ethernet transceiver solution that enables mass deployment of Video Home Networking driving IPTV and HDTV services.

As opposed to other wired and wireless solutions for broadband connectivity, POF makes possible highly flexible, secure and stable solutions with virtually no bandwidth limitations. Infineon’s POF transceiver provides dedicated high bandwidth for each connection and can be installed without any need for special equipment.

The technology meets all the requirements for delivering stable high-definition video content. The transceiver fully supports Fast Ethernet transmission at 100Mb/s using standard, economic POF wire with 1mm core, which can be cut to length and installed by end users. Designers of broadband gateways and IP set-top boxes can directly integrate Infineon’s POF transceiver, which features full light-to-logic functionality, by connecting it to Fast Ethernet Physical Layer ICs.

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