IMF adopts Omneon

International Music Feed uses Omneon servers for 24-hour music channel

Omneon Video Networks has announced that the International Music Feed (IMF) is using a new Omneon Spectrum media server system as part of a three-channel broadcast system. The Omneon server system will be used for playout of programming content on IMF's 24-hour channel, which launched in January. The Omneon system allows IMF keep content in DV format from the time videos leave the archive, throughout editing, to transmission for playout.

IMF acquires file-based content from archives at Bitmax in Hollywood, edits that content at its own Santa Monica facility with Final Cut Pro, and then transports files to an Omneon server located at Globecast's Culver City uplink site. On-air playout is managed with Omneon's PlayTool utility.

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