Hubbard Stations upgrade with Grass Valley

NYT-TV, KAAL-TV adopt Grass Valley Digital News Production

Grass Valley NewsEdit workstation.

As the latest example of small and medium market TV stations migrating to digital news production, two Hubbard stations have both upgraded their news departments’ production capabilities. The local affiliates WNYT-TV (NBC), in Albany, NY, and KAAL-TV (ABC), in Austin, MN, have installed Digital News Production (DNP) systems from Grass Valley. The new equipment supports both stations’ analog and digital channels.

WNYT purchased a total of seven NewsEdit NLEs for use at the station in Albany. The station also bought three M-Series iVDR units, one for ingest activities and two more for automated playout (for four channels of live playout and to provide redundancy). A Grass Valley Ingest Station and redundant NewsQ Pro automated playback systems with 110 hours of NAS have also been installed.

In order to facilitate cuts-only editing at the reporters’ and producers’ desktop, WNYT-TV also purchased 15 NewsEdit editing and review-station licenses that will be loaded onto existing PCs throughout the newsroom. WNYT is using the Grass Valley equipment to produce about 27 hours of news programming per week.

Following a similar migration path to WNYT, KAAL-TV purchased three NewsEdit SC systems, a NewsQ Pro and NAS system, and two M-Series iVDRs.

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