Harris D-Series compliant with H-Class

Harris's D-Series Playout automation solution has been enhanced. The system, which interfaces with the H-Class Content Delivery Platform, now features a playlist and as-run data. It also includes native interfaces with the H-Class Platform.

With complete scalability and redundancy, the D-Series allows stations to manage complex, multichannel operations while employing a small number of staff. In addition, D-Series customers can reconfigure and upgrade their systems while remaining on air.

The D-Series Playout supports a range of new H-Class Platform features including dynamic exchange of play list data and as-run data. This new feature allows traffic managers to protect revenue by reacting to last-minute schedule changes made in master control. It also inserts make good spots on the day of air instead of losing future airtime sales.

For more information, see www.harris.com.

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