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Grande Vitesse Systems unveils GVS9000 4NXU

With the ability to write, edit and share 16 uncompressed SD or HD data drives simultaneously via fiber for SAN or gigabit over NAS networks in a live environment, the new GVS9000 4NXU is designed to improve production workflow of live events.

The GVS9000 4NXU allows users to capture and edit uncompressed data in real time and view HD uncompressed content as it is being recorded to hard drive. During the recording process, the data also can be edited, or additional storage added without any interruptions.

The 4NXU’s rugged, rack-mounted casing allows for ease of transport and mobility without damage. The individual recorders making up the 4NXU operate independently to deliver redundancy without affecting the original data.

GVS9000 4NXU’s has 16 removable drive modules per unit, allowing the user to expand recording time.

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