GMPCS Personal begins shipment of Hughes BGAN terminal

GMPCS Personal has begun supplying Hughes 9201 broadband satellite IP terminals to customers globally.

Inmarsat has given the Hughes 9201 terminal a Class 1 approval, which means the unit can deliver high BGAN data rates — up to 492kbps. The Hughes 9201 terminal will work over the BGAN satellite network supporting as many as 11 users simultaneously and the ability to send and receive IP packet and circuit-switched data via USB, Ethernet, ISDN and WLAN interfaces. The Hughes 9201 also supports simultaneous voice calling.

The capabilities of BGAN include the delivery of Internet and intranet content and solutions, LAN and WAN connectivity, video file store-and-forward backhaul, video on demand, videoconferencing, fax, e-mail, phone and local area network access at speeds of up to 492kbps.

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