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The EVS XT[2] server now natively supports the Avid DNxHD codec, which allows the production and playout server to transfer any HD content ingested from cameras or satellite feeds quickly to the Avid production environment without the need for additional encoding or decoding.

The system can also be configured for different workflows according to genre, from sports broadcast with rapid creative highlights production to non-live studio production, such as reality or general entertainment programming.

Incorporating the EVS Xfile into the network creates an instant gateway to Avid, through integration with Avid Interplay, and links these two powerful production systems. EVS XFile streaming modules also allow users to instantly stream EVS XT[2] content to any Avid station through the network while the recording is still in progress. The reverse process allows edited packages prepared in Avid post-production suites to be retrieved by the EVS XT[2] server for immediate playout.

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