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DTS will unveil and demonstrate use of its HD audio software encoders at the 119th AES Convention.

DTS-HD audio is in the media standards for both next-generation DVD formats (Blu-ray and HD DVD), and thus it is important for anyone in audio production and broadcasting to understand how to work with this new encoding system. High-definition lossless multichannel audio is an essential component for next-generation DVD formats and surround sound broadcasting.

DTS offers broadcasters the complete solution in delivering top quality format from mono through stereo up to 5.1 and beyond. The technology offers the capability of delivering 6.1 discrete for broadcasts. DTS is also enables broadcasters to select the sampling rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz or even 96kHz audio. If broadcasters are broadcasting in 96/24 DTS format, a 48kHz system and other surround sound audio systems will still receive and successfully decode these audio signals at the best available quality, automatically.

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