Confederation College outfits media center with Auralex

Auralex Acoustics has recently assisted Confederation College’s Center for Applied Media Production (CAMP) program by outfitting its newest media arts facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with the company’s state-of-the-art acoustical treatment products. The newly renovated space, which is being used for film, broadcast television and multimedia production, includes new edit labs, a shooting studio and new mixing theater. Working with Pacific Island Audio and acoustical contractor Unifi Corporation in Waterloo, Auralex offered an economical solution to add sound treatment to CAMP’s mixing theater and voice over booth.

The acoustical redesign consisted of several Auralex products including 16 C24 ELiTE ProPanels, six ELiTE Corner Traps, 36 B22 ELiTE ProPanels and 14 pArtScience SpaceArray Diffusors throughout the facility’sthree post studios and its audio room.

Confederation College’s media arts education supports careers in professional film and video production; digital interactive media production; radio, newspaper, publishing, editing and writing; and other communication disciplines. The school’s Center for Applied Media Production (CAMP) is the convergence of digital integrated technology and the best in program design, facility expertise and learning strategy. For more information, visit