BBC News to use Barco backdrops for new studio sets

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has chosen Barco as its visualization supplier for two new studio set refurbishment projects. In total, six display walls will be installed in the news studios N6 and TC7.

After an European Union (EU) procurement exercise, the BBC has selected 74 Barco OverView cDG67-DL rear-projection display cubes. Configured as six separate display walls, the cubes are spread across two studios. Each of the studios has an open rectangular layout that is independent of each other for resilience purposes. The studios will be in operation for approximately 12-18 hours a day, five days a week, with a lighter schedule on the weekends.

The OverView cDG67-DL display wall solution consists of specifically adapted rear-projection modules that are designed and optimized for use in a 24/ 7 mission critical environment.

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